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          The High School Affiliated To Beijing Normal University
          About Us  
          The year of 2001 is remembered as the centennial of the High School Affiliated to Beijing
          Normal University, an event for warm congratulation. This high school, as one of the earliest
          schools in the past century, was an epitome of the Chinese modern education. Various lines
          of educational thinking in the twentieth century had ever been experimented on it. Its
          historywas also an epitome of the Chinese youth movements, all of which its teachers and
          students got involved in. In the past 100 years, this high school remained in even pace with
          the ear, trying to be the pioneer in each historical period. It ahs cultivated countless talents
          and heroic figures. Today, this high school still preserves its vigor, and its splendor continues
          to expand considerably. This is the achievement of thousands of students’ hard working, and
          the fruit of generations of teacher’s generous dedication. The High School Affiliated to
          Beijing Normal University should inherit and develop its fine traditions, keep “Integrity
          Compassion Diligence Courage” in mind, make more innovations, and always be a pioneer of the ear.
          (Gu Mingyuan, 2001)

          The School Motto Prescribed in 1921

          The School Song written by Principal Cheng Bolu in 1921

          The Old Campus map drawn by alumni

          Layout of New Campus
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          Add: 100052, No.18 Nan Xin Hua Street , He Ping Men , Xi Cheng District, Beijing, PRC China.
          Tel: 8610-6304-0392   8610-83193000-7504   Fax: 8610-6304-0392
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