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          The High School Affiliated To Beijing Normal University
          Distinguished Alumni  
          ‹ Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering ›  
          Qian Xuesen and Chairman Mao in 1956. After
          returned to China, Qian Xuesen worked as the
          former vice-minister of the Commission of Science,
          Technology and Industry for National Defense,
          chairman of the China Association for Science
          and Technology, and vice-chairman of the CPPCC.

          Qian Xuesen, member of both the CAS and the CAE.
          Qian has made tremendous contribution to the
          development of the minitary science. Picture:Receiving
          flowers from a student representative of this school
          when being conferred the title of "Scientist With
          Distinguished Accomplishements."

          Tang Peisong(graduated in 1981),
          member of the CAS,
          expert on biological sciences,
          recipient of the Chen Jiageng Prize in 1996.

          Zhang Yuzhe (graduated in 1919), member of the
          CAS, astronomer, former president of the Zijinshan
          Planetarium of Nanjing. The No. 1125 planet
          discovered by him was named "Zhong Hua",and
          the No. 2051 planet was named "Zhang" by The
          Planetarium of Harvard University for commemoration.

          Wang Dezhao (first left, graduated in 1923), member
          of the CAS, expert on underwater acoustics. In 1972
          he was received by British Prime Minister Mrs.
          Thatcher when atending the British Sea Convention.

          Chen Yongling(graduated in 1927),
          member of the CAS,

          Zhang Wei (graduated in 1930), member of both the
          CAS and the CAE, dynamist. He once worked as Vice
          chairman of the China Association for Science and
          Technology and vice president of Tsinghua University.
          In 1996 he won the first China Engineering Prize.

          First Left: Liang Shoupan (graduated in 1931),
          member of the CAS and member of the
          International Space Navigation Academy, expert on
          airspace, chief-designer of the first Chinese missile.

          Jiang Sichang (graduated in 1931), member of the
          CAE, expert on ear, nose and throat. He once
          worked as the vice president of the General Hospital
          of PLA. In 1993 he was conferred the title
          "Exemplary Physic Professor" by the Central Military
          Commission. In 1996 he won the Chen Jiageng Prize.

          Duan Xuefu (graduated in 1932),
          member of the CAS,
          algebrist, former dean of the Mathematics
          Department of BNU.

          Meng Shaonong (graduated in 1930), member of
          the CAS, expert on auto engineering, former vice
          manager-general of the No.1 and No.2 Auto Factories
          and deputy general engineer. He is one of
          the founders of the Chinese auto industry.

          First right: Gao Zhenheng (graduated in 1930),
          member of the CAS, expert on organic chemistry,
          former dean of the Chemistry Department
          of Nankai University.

          Wang Dexi(graduated in 1931),
          member of the CAS, expert on nuclear chemistry,
          former president of China Atomic Research Institute.

          Ma Dayou (graduated in 1932), member of the
          CAS, expert on acoustics, former vice director of
          the Acoustics Institute of the CAS and former vice
          president of the Postgraduate College of the China
          Science and Technology University.

          Lin Jiaqiao (first left, graduated in 1933), overseas
          member of the CAS, member of the US State
          Academy of Sciences, expert on applied mathematics,
          mechaniccs and astronomy, professor on the MIT.

          Chi Jishang (graduated in 1936),
          member of the CAS,

          Zhang Bingxi (graduated in 1936),
          member of the CAS, geologist.

          Chen Bingcong (second right,graduated in 1939),
          member of the CAE, expert on agricultural machinery,
          former vice-president of Jilin University.

          Zhou Tonghui (middle, graduated in 1937),
          member of the CAS, expert on analytic chemistry.

          Liang Xiaotian (graduated in 1942),
          member of the CAS, physic scientist.

          Xu Qianqing (graduated in 1945), member of
          the CAE, expert on water conservancy.

          First left: Xi Zezong (graduated in 1947), member of
          the CAS, astronomer, historian of astronomy, director
          of the Institute for the History of Natural Science.

          First left: Zhao Bailin (graduated in 1948),
          member of the CAS, meterologist.

          Zhang Guangzhi (graduated in 1949), member of
          the US State Academy of Sciences, member of
          the Taiwan Provincial Research Academy,
          anthropologist, archaeologist.

          Li Yiyi (graduated in 1953), member of the CAS,
          metallurgist and expert on metal materials, former
          director of the CAS Metal Institute. In 1996 she
          won the first China Engineering Prize, and in 2000
          she ranked first in the "Ten Outstanding Women"
          in the circle of the CAS.

          Chen Rong (graduated in 1960), member of the CAS,
          geophysicist, deputy director general of the State
          Seismological Bureau, chairman of the International
          Commission for Earthquake Forecasting and Disaster

          ‹ Famous Figures in other areas ›  
          Lv Yanzhi(Wu Cheng School), designer of the Nanjing
          Zhongshan Mausoleum and the Guangzhou
          Zhongshan Memorial. In 1911 Lv entered Tsinghua
          School andreturned home after finishing his study in
          the USA in 1921. In 1929 he died of disease.

          Xu Daxiong(graduated in 1946),
          member of the Kirghizian Academy of Science.

          Zhou Zhide(graduated in 1951),
          member of the New York Academy of Science.

          Wen Jingsong (graduated in 1952), member of
          the New York Academy of Science,expert on
          atmospheric physics and dynamics of suspension.

          Yu Guangyuan (graduated in 1930),
          famous economist, former vice president of the
          China Academy of Social Science.

          Zhang Dainian (graduated in 1926), famous
          philosopher, professor of Beijing University.

          Shi Shuqing (graduated in 1941),
          famous appraiser of cultural relics.

          Zhang Qizhi (second right, graduated in 1940),
          president of the Northwest University and
          president of the Tsinghua Humanity College.

          Peng Ruicong (graduated in 1940), former Party
          secretary of the Beijing Medicine College.

          Guan Guangyue (graduated in 1943), former vice-
          president of the Northeast University, geologist. In
          1950 he first, together with his students, discovered
          dinosaurs' eggs in Shandong Provence.

          Zhang Mujin (graduated in 1950),
          former vice-president of the Tsinghua University,
          second left.

          Zheng Qifu(second left, graduated in 1952),
          major general, former president of the Taiwan
          JiaotongUniversity, middle: Mr. Zhong Shanji.

          Fu Qifang (graduated in 1948), the first table tennis
          coach of the State Olympical Culture and Sports
          Commission and the team leader.

          Wu Shude (first left,graduated in 1953), champion
          of horizontal bar in the Fourth World Gymnasium
          Championship, famous international juror for

          Hu Peng(first left, graduated in 1932),
          famous movie artist.

          Zhao Rongchen (middle, graduated in 1932),
          famous performing artist of Beijing Opera.

          Li Delun (graduated in 1938),
          famous conductor.

          Yu Shizhi(graduated in 1942), famous opera
          performing artist, former vice director of the
          Beijing People's Art Theater.

          Mai Ding (graduated in 1047), famous composer,
          his piece Please Stay with Us, Guests From Afar was
          awarded the golden prize. First-graded composer of
          the Central National Song and Dance Ensemble.

          Ye Peiying (graduated in 1955), famous singer,
          professor of the Central Conservatory.

          Lian Liru (graduated in 1960),
          famous performing artist of Ping Shu.

          Huang Yuefeng (graduated in 1971),
          famous singer, first-graded performer of the
          Central Opera Ensemble.

          Ren Dahui(first right, graduated in 1958),
          famous TV producer. In 1995 he was conferred
          the title of one of the "Ten Best Producers".

          Lou Naiming (middle, graduated in 1971),
          famous movie director, once titled one of the "Ten Best Directors".

          Chen Yongkang (graduated in 1966), famous military
          writer, his main works are February's Orchid,
          Kua KYue Cang Mang, etc.

          Xing Zhibin (graduated in 1964),
          hostess of CCTV news.

          Liu shuoren (graduated in 1945),
          famous stamp designer.

          Xu Yanbo(graduated in 1960),
          famous stamp designer.

          Ding Wu (graduated in 1943), famous cartoonist,
          former chief-editor of the People's Painting Press.

          Zhao Yixiong (graduated in 1952), from 1975 to
          1995 he and his wife Mrs. Geng Yukun visited the
          Silk Route for 16 times for creation. They covered
          the whole distance from Nara to Istanbul (tens of
          thousands of kilometers) and created thousans of
          works. From 1977 he has held many exhibitions in
          the Chinese Gallery and some other places.

          Liu Daosheng (graduated in 1932),
          former Beijing Municial Party Branch Secretary.

          Zheng Tianxiang (graduated in 1934), former
          Beijing Municipal Party Branch Secretary, Minister
          of the Seventh Machinery, president of the
          Supreme People's Court, member of the Central
          Advisory Committee.

          Group photo of the three alumni, who once worked
          as Vice Minister of Education. Zhang Wensong (first
          left, graduated in 1935), former member of the
          CPPCC. Middle: Zhang Chenxian (graduated in 1936),
          former deputy director of the NPC Educcational,
          Scientific, Cultural and Healthy Committee, and former
          vice chairman of the China Association for Education.
          First left: Li Qi (graduated in 1837), former director of
          the premier Zhou's Office ,and former director of
          the Central Document Research Department.

          Chen Siwei (at school in 1946 to 1948),
          vice chairman of the Standing Committee
          of the NPC.

          Gu Angran (graduated in 1946), director general
          of the NPC Commission of Legislative Affairs.

          Chen Haosu (graduated in 1956), chairman of the
          Chinese People's Association for Friendship with
          Foreign Countries, former vice mayor of Beijing,
          former Vice Minister of Braadcast and Television.

          Liu Yuzhu (graduated in 1935),
          former Vice-Minister of Nuclear Industry,
          third left.

          Liu Jiadong (graduated in 1936), former member
          of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection,
          director of the Research Department of the CCDI,
          and member of the CPPCC, first right.

          Group photo of the alumni who graduated in 1937.
          Wang Guangmei (first left), member of the Standing
          Committee of the CPPCC; Liu Naihe (second left),
          professor of BNU; Li Juping (third right), first-graded
          actress; Li Lingying (second right), analytic chemist;
          Zhang Jiexun (first right), former vice chairman of
          the China Women's Federation, member of the
          Standing Committee of the CPPCC.

          Yang Shifa (graduated in 1936), former Shanghai
          Municipal Party Branch Secretary, vice mayor,
          chairman of the Shanghai People's Political
          Consultative Conference.

          Zhao Zongnai (graduated in 1946), permanent vice
          head of the Central Organization Department,
          former Vice Minister of Petroleum. Picture:
          Zhao led a CPC delegation to visit Cuba.

          He Guomo(graduated in 1947), former vice-mayor
          of Tianjin, vice-chairman of the Tianjin People's
          Political Consultative Conference.

          Peng Yu (graduated in 1959),
          Vice-Minister of Public Health.

          Zhang Yixiang (graduated in 1961),
          deputy governor of Henan Province.

          Lai Yali (graduated in 1927), former counselor to
          Switzerland, deputy permanent representative to
          the UN in 1971, vice chairman of the Chinese
          People's Institute of Foreign Affairs. Lai, in the front.

          Yang Bozhen (graduated in 1937), former
          ambassador to foreign countries, director to the
          UNESCO appointed by the Minister of Education.

          Ma Lie (middle ,graduated in 1941), premier Zhou's
          secretary, former ambassador to Hungary.

          Wang Lian (graduated in 1951), former ambassador
          to Finland.

          President Xu Zhendong (graduated in 1983),
          QingniaoNetwork Group of Beijing University.

          Wu Shihong (graduated in 1973), vice-president
          of TCL, once worked as senior staff member
          in IBM and Microsoft.

          Wang Yao(second left, graduated in 1988), young
          female photographer, goold prize winner of the 43rd
          World Press Photo. Picture: As the youngest juror for
          the China international photographic art exhibition,
          Wang attended the Ninth International Photographic
          Art Exhibition.

          Cui zongli (graduated in 1989), famous male model,
          MTV producer. In 1999 he attended the China
          Costumes Perofrming Art Competition and Won
          the championship of the China First Male
          Supermodel Contest.

          Tong Lu (graduated in 1980), master sportsman
          of mountain climbing, the first female climber
          of Hannationality who stood on the top of
          Mountain Xixabangma.

          Hu Ziwei(graduated in 1989),
          famous hostess of Beijing TV.

          Fang Bin(graduated in 1995), young actor,
          hero of the TV serial Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang.

          Xue Shen(graduated in 1992),
          main player of the Guoan football team.

          Man Jiang (graduated in 1992), gold medal winner
          of 200-meter race in the 2001 National Track
          and Field Championship and the prize series.

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