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          The High School Affiliated To Beijing Normal University
          A new look of the campus  
          ‹ Campus View ›  
          Campus Snow View
          Campus Snow View
          Old School Gate
          Inner Teaching Building (Western)
          Night View of School Gate
          Martyr Statue of Zhao Shiyan
          School Bell
          Centuries old trees
          ‹ Advanced facilities ›  
          School Hall(can accommodate 800 people)
          Psychological Consultation Room
          Biological Garden
          South Ladder Classroom
          San Wei Shu Wu
          Research Study Room
          Art classroom
          Music Classroom
          Chorus Music Classroom
          Geography Learning Room
          Computer Classroom for Group Learning
          Mac Classroom for Computer graphics and video production
          Speech Class
          English Classroom
          Conference Room
          Office of Teachers
          Teachers lounge
          ‹ Layout of New Campus ›  
          Layout of New Campus
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