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          The High School Affiliated To Beijing Normal University
          ‹From Wu Cheng School to the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University›  
          The record concerning the Qing Government's approval of
          founding Wu Cheng School in 1901
          Lin Liru, a famous educator.
          Brief History of School's Experience in Making Curricula Required for
          "Double Three" Schooling System written by Lin Liru.
          The criterions for new curricula and score table made in 1923.
          Students taking part in the May 4th Movement, the first left is Zhao Shiyan.
          Students in the December 9th Movement in 1935

          ‹The High School Affiliated to BNu after 1949›
          Celebrating the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949
          The Sports Meet held by the school in 1949 to
          celebrate the founding of the People's Republic of China.
          Hao Renchu, the first principal of the high school
          since 1949, later director of the General Office
          of the Ministry of Education.
          Chairman Mao inscribing the title of the journal
          Seeing off students joining the war to resist
          U.S aggression and aid Korea in 1950 an 1951.
          Students working in the school-ownded factory
          Assembly before the Cultural Revolution sending off students
          who were to work in the countryside and mountainous areas.
          Students working on the farm
          Campus in the 1960s

          ‹Development In The New Period›
          Putting on the new brassplate
          Re-establishing the Young Pioneers
          Assembly in memory of the seventy-seventh anniversary of the school in 1978
          Students working on the farm
          Campus in the 1960s
          Eightieth Anniversary Celebration
          Holding the assembly celebrating the ninety-fifth anniversary
          in the Great Hall of the People in 1996.
          Assembly celebrating the ninety-five anniversary
          Principal Wei Yijun addressing at
          the assembly celebrating the ninety-five anniversary
          Five alumni hosting the performance celebrating the ninety-five anniversary
          Welcome to the High School Affiliated to BNU
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