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          The High School Affiliated To Beijing Normal University
          Well-qualified Teaching Staff  
          Zhong Shanji (graduated in 1941), worked as
          the mathematics teacher from 1945 to 1953.
          Now Zhong is the mathematics professor in BNU
          and a famous educator.

          Gu Mingyuan, now is chairman of the Chinese
          Association for Education. Former vice-president
          of BNU and president of the Postgraduate College.
          Deputy director of teaching and discipline of this
          school from 1958 to 1962.

          Giving commendation to outstanding teaching and administrating staff on
          the celebration of the 75th anniversary.

          Giving commendation to teaching and
          administrating staff having vorked for 25 years.

          Advanced workers of Beijing in the circles
          of culture and education in 1960.

          Mao Heling, special-graded teacher of physics

          Han Manlu, special-graded teacher of mathematics

          Shang Xingjiu, special-graded teacher of chemistry

          Zhang Mingzhu, recipient of the national
          May 1st Medal, Party member of excellence
          in Beijing educaion system

          Zhu Zhengwei, special-graded teacher of biology

          Wang Shusheng,
          special-graded teacher of geography

          Chen Wen, special-graded teacher of mathematics

          Gu Changle, special-graded teacher of physics

          Mi Jihan, spacial-graded teacher of geography

          Shi Yanxing, special-graded teacher of Chinese

          Yang Zikun, spacial-graded teacher of history

          Qiao Rongning,
          spacial-graded teacher of mathematics

          Bai Youdi, special-graded teacher of history

          Hu Lang, special-graded teacher of physics

          Wang Tiankai, special-graded teacher of chemistry

          Chen Yaowen, special-graded teacher of chinese

          Zhao Duobiao, special-graded teacher of mathematics

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